Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Treasury of Artists

So on Etsy you can create a treasury of your favorite sellers or art, if you are lucky enough to be around when a treasury opens. I am never around...well I should never say never! I finally got one! I decided to find artists/art that depicted Chicago at night. My home town!

You can check it out HERE

Please click on all the images and leave a comment or two. I would love to get this on the front page!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Everything is Coming Up Roses

So for once I set out to create something for a contest and I actually got it done in time for the deadline. Lord and Taylor was holding a contest for a new look for their rose, which has been their iconic symbol since the 1940's. They asked artists of all mediums to submit their designs by midnight last night. (I got mine in at 10:30pm!)

They will be reviewing the entries for the next few weeks and June 9th they will reveal their top 60 choices and open the voting up to the public! I will keep you posted on what I hear back and if I am picked I will let you know where to vote.

Here's a sneak peak at my design I sent in.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beer-B-Q Recap

First off I want to give a huge THANKS to the LD Team for Etsy Dallas! They worked their tails off to plan this show and it paid off in a big way. We had all kinds of press and people came from all over to see what we had going on. It was fantastic! Check out our website to see some of the press and pics from the event. I had the pleasure of talking with so many great people; including Jessica from Funky Finds who = was kind enough to write a little about my painting Rich in God's Love that I am using to raise money for the Vanessa Whitwell Scholarship Fund. I also met a couple members of a new local band Watching Cars, and got to talk to them about maybe designing a T-shirt for their band...I will keep you posted on that. Until then, check out their website for upcoming shows and some downloads of their songs.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Welcome the Summer Season with Etsy Dallas

On Sunday, May 18th Etsy Dallas will kick off the summer season with a festive trunk show at the home and studio of The Kessler Craftsman.

Etsy Dallas’ first annual Beer-B-Q will boast over 30 local artists and crafters selling their handmade goods. Shop for jewelry, stationery, photography, bags, hair accessories, glass art, soap and bodycare, clothing, home d├ęcor, and so much more!

Customers will also be greeted with the delicious smell of grilled meats and veggies, cold beer on tap, Punchy Party Punch, and live music – all FREE to the public!(While supplies last) The first lucky 25 customers will receive a goody bag chock full of promo items and coupons. You don't want to miss these. There are so good that several of us in Etsy Dallas are talking about how we can snag one.

Etsy Dallas will also offer a free Make-&-Take crafts booth for all ages. Customers can explore their creative side for free and experience first-hand the joy of the handmade way! All unused supplies will be donated to a local children’s charity.

Please bring plenty of CASH as many of our indie handmade vendors will not be able to accept credit cards. (BUT I WILL)

So bring your appetite, your creativity, and your support for local artists and crafters, and get ready for a day full of handmade food, music, and fun with Etsy Dallas!

Where: 1027 N. Windomere, Dallas 75208
When: Sunday, May 18th
Time: 11am-5pm
Music by: DJ Modchap and the Garrett Heinrichs Band

I am bring some never before seen art with me as well. And I will be taking orders for the Rich in God's Love print where 50% of my proceeds are going to the Vanessa Whitwell Scholarship Fund.

You don't want to miss this!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rich in God's Love, the story behind the painting

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.

2 Corinthians 8:9

After talking with several people about this painting I came to realize that I should be sharing the story behind the painting with everyone.

This painting was painted right after I found out that a friend of mine, Vanessa Whitwell past away from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 34. I say friend, even though I never hung out with her outside of work, because after meeting Vanessa you could not help but call her anything else. She was one of those amazing people you meet that light up a room with their personality and style, and envy that you could have that much drive and determination. I had the pleasure of working with her at Fellowship Church. She started at Fellowship as one of our worship leaders. Singing every weekend with one of the most beautiful voices you will ever her. Soon after began to lead in other ministries as well, like the women's ministry and our C3 conferences. She touched thousands of lives with her gifts and her love for God. She accomplished more in her short life than most of us would ever hope to in a hundred years. She had a love for life and her work that showed in everything that she did.

Fellowship church said it best in this press release, "Vanessa approached her relationships with a sincere kindness and with a genuine heart for those in need. Known as an encourager and a consummate cheerleader, Vanessa lived with a passionate ferocity for life spreading joy and laughter along the way. She had a strong faith that dictated her choices, and sense of self that empowered all who came in contact with her."

The first show I had it at I sold it. I spoke with a women at the show it for what seemed liked hours. She loved it and was thinking of buying it for her brother who just got married and was starting a new job at a camp their church was opening this summer. Her brother just happened to work at Fellowship and worked closely with Vanessa. I knew him as well and knew he would love it. She did buy it for him as a wedding present. So the original painting found a home not only with someone who could appreciate it for it's beauty but also love it for who it symbolized. For those of us who had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa Whitwell you will understand just how "rich" we have become just from knowing her.

God sure has a great way of bringing us all together.

I am releasing a limited edition print of this painting (only 100 will be made). 20% of the proceeds will go to the Vanessa Whitwell Scholarship Fund. This scholarship will afford many students and young women the opportunity to attend various camps, retreats and events where they will experience the hope and love of Jesus Christ. If you are interested you can contact me here on my blog, or check out My Shop

Recap on TVC Show

Well you can't win them all. After 2 great shows this one was terrible!

There was no traffic, due to the lack of advertising, there were too many non-handmade companies there (Cookie Lee, Homemade Gourmet, etc). Half the booths were jewelry vendors. I do have to say that Debi who was in charge of the show was very nice, but it didn't seem as though she cared one way or the other. Out of the maybe 25 booths that were there only a handful made sales and of those even less made back their booth fee. I had some people make some great comments about my art and my display - but I had no sales.

Debi's way to make it up to us...a discount at their fall show. No thank you! This show was at a church and when you don't even have the support from your congregation to come out, you know it can't be good! So my recommendation...


Monday, May 5, 2008

Art Going Green

So I never really considered myself to be an artist that recycles, just one that uses what's around me (aka resourceful). But after doing several shows lately that were about keeping the environment clean (Earth Day Inspired), it dawned on me that I am helping keep "trash" out of the landfills. And all this time I just thought I was being thrifty!

To give you some ideas on how to keep your environment clean, take a look at what's around you and see what you can give new life.

Lately I have been using cabinet doors, yes cabinet doors. They make a great canvas for paintings and mixed media pieces. A little sanding and priming and wala! A new canvas, and you don't even need to frame the piece, most cabinet doors have great trim giving your new work of art a unique look.

I have also found that old skeleton keys make some great crosses. And come with a second meaning. Jesus and the cross are the "key" to salvation and peace. What a wonderful way to display your Faith!

The one above was created using a cabinet door, scraps of scrapbook paper, skeleton keys and acrylic paint.

And it's not just my finished products that are "re"using materials, I even do it when I am painting to get some unique textures. I have used, old seran wrap, netting, fencing, popcicle sticks, disguarded wood pieces...pretty much what ever is sitting in front of me at the time is fair game.

So what are you doing to keep you environment GREEN?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Home Town Chicago

For those of you who don't know I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago. So anytime I run across something from there I long for pizza, hot dogs and a day at the ballpark (Cubs, of course). So yesterday when I ran across Gemini Studio it was no suprise that I felt a longing to go home, it got even worse when I saw this painting in his studio.

What is even better about this is he made some great notecards with this design so I can share it with all my "Rangers" friends down here in Texas!

Of course if baseball is not your thing he has other great works of art ranging from food and drink to animals, pop culture themes, and destinations, like the Shedd in Chicago another one of my fav spots.

If you get a chance check out his shop you won't be dissapointed!