Thursday, August 14, 2008

No lazy days here

Usually when you think of the summertime you think, lazy days by the pool. Sitting under a tall oak tree sipping Lemonade. Watching kinds play baseball.

What you don't think about is, the kids are out of school so for the next 3 months I need to find something for them to do and once you find something for them to do then you spend your time running them from Billy's house to practice to the sleep over to music lessons and the 5 trips it takes you to do all that because somewhere in between they forgot at least 2 items they need when in reality whatever they forgot is actually sitting right next to them in the van.

Now although I don't have any children that are at that age yet I do have a brother who needed help to plan his wedding. Now I know some of you would love the details to this grand event, especially since I did 90% of the planning that will have to wait until I write the book or at least another post. Some things that I did learn from their wedding was;

there is a reason you you are not trying to figure out who is walking down the isle with who as you are coming down the stairs.

there is a reason you have a the day of you are fully aware of what is going on and all the details are figured out then and not as they are happening the day of.

book your rehearsal dinner, don't just show up there and expect that they have room for you 20+ party...

make sure you have one person (at least) that knows what's going on and make sure they are reliable.

On that note make sure you have someone that is reliable and can read a watch if they are in charge of getting the father of the bride to the wedding and especially if they are suppose to be in the wedding as well...

always have case 1 (or 3) of your groomsmen flake out on you at the last minute or don't show up until the end of the service...

And last but not least do NOT shop for you rings, the groom's tux and a pastor the week before the never know what you will end up with!

(Yes this all happened and yes they still got married) It was probably one of the most memorable events our family will ever have...

But the bride was beautiful! And she is one of my best friends so I can't really complain too much! Congrats you guys, I love you!