Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today starts the sales for my grand re-opening of my Etsy shop ! For the next 2 weeks I will be blessing you all with 10% off everything in the store and free shipping for purchases over $50! Not a bad way to start things off right?

Well that's not all, over the coarse of the next 2 weeks I will also be giving you special codes for additional % off on certain days and I will be doing a give away here on my blog!

Come back here Tuesday for more details on the give away...Want a clue? Let's just say it has to do with the little guy in the picture above! Happy Shopping!

****OH, one last thing to mention to you all...I am only 2 sales away from 60, so to the 60th sale I will be giving away a box of goodies with your purchase! My way of saying thank you to all of my great customers!****

Friday, May 29, 2009

FRIDAY FEATURES - spring garden

Spring is all about new loves and budding romances. And how can it not with the snow melting and the ground beginning to form new life, giving us new hope and energy. Filling us with new smells and lighting us up from the inside out. Awaking our souls and reminding us that God is still there and waiting for us to find him in everything around us. {If you can't tell, I love spring}. So to kick off my new beginning {another thing spring is know for} here on my blog and my
So I will be finally re-opening my Etsy shop , I want to start featuring other artists that I have begun to love. These artist have amazing shops so make sure to look around at everything they have to offer.

1. Rush of Wings makes these great starter pots out of recycled newspapers. Perfect if you are wanting to start your garden a little early!

2. from Artisan Hands features handmade ceramics and pottery like these great inspirational stakes for your garden.

3. Garden Candy has these wonderful mosaic handled trowels for getting your planting done. Available in several colors.

4. LBs Sewing Sanity makes some wonderful items including this great garden bucket caddy, perfect for keeping your tools and other gardening items organized!

5. Scarlet Beautiful 2 offers those who aren't able to have a live garden of their own an alternative way to enjoy the beauty of spring. Her shop features some amazing photos not just the one featured here. Buy one or more of her shots to create the garden of your dreams, inside!

6. Of course there are some of us that are not born with green thumbs. But Blazing Needles offers cute plant alternatives for your home that need no watering. I love this cactus from her shop, something about it just makes me want to hug it!

7. JMN POTTERY has some great pots perfect for all types of plants for your indoor and outdoor gardens. Hers even feature their own attitudes!

8. Maybe you are looking for a way to recycle, especially with your garden. Take a page from Warm Country Meadows . They offer several different types of Moss Terrariums, including the one above. These are great if you are wanting something green but are terrible about caring for it. These will last for years if you keep them in a well lit area and water them every 2-3 months!

9. Sierra Creations features some wonderful stained glass pieces to help you remember the colors of spring even from your cubical at work. Just light from the back and enjoy!

I hope you find these artists as wonderful as I do, look for another great set NEXT Friday!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I will be finally re-opening my Etsy shop . {Insert happy dance here}
My offical re-opening date is set for SUNDAY, MAY 31! I will have a ton of things going on for the re-opening. A will have a contest here as well as SALES on every item for the first 2 weeks! If you can't tell I am super excited.

Along with my re-opening of the store I will also be BLOGGING again here and starting a Twitter page. I have already joined Facebook and will be posting special CODES and EXCLUSIVE SALES on these pages, so if you are not already following me on these, now's the time to start. I have created a fan page as well for my shop where I will be posting tips and tricks to help you with your ideas and business strategies. I look forward to being back and meeting with you all again! Happy Spring!