Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Name, New Adventures and the Radio

I find it amazing how a few simple words and throw your world into a spin. (Not a bad spin, just a new one). Midday Connection on Moody Radio has asked me to be on their show May 23! This will be my first radio interview talking about creative art journaling. I am super excited about this opportunity! I can't wait to share what I have learned from creative journaling and I hope to share some tips on how to get started yourself (if you haven't started already) or share some tricks for those of you who have been doing this awhile.

I also have some teaching gigs coming up  (2 next week for some small groups)! And a BIG one coming up on June 9 (more details to follow). There's even one booked for the end of June in Texas! Very Exciting!

Lastly with all the changes I want make it easier for you guys to find me on the web, so I have a new name that I will be working under. Artful Story, TP Design was already taken and I wanted something that spoke to what I am doing now. My awesomely talented sister in law is designing my site for me you can check out her other work here. When the site is done it will link all my pages together ie, my blog, shop, art and facebook. I am super excited to have everything altogether!

So that is about it here. Hope you all are doing well! I'll keep you updated as things change come up. Thanks for being on this journey with me.

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