Monday, May 14, 2012

Being Still

I am not the greatest at planning. I am a very "fly by the seat of my pants" type of person. I am constantly inspired and switching gears and trying new things, which is great for the artist in me...but for the business side of things, not so good. Or for the wife and mother that I am suppose to be. I am working on it, but I feel I will always be working on it. Why do laundry when there are new things to try out, paints that need to be used, flowers that need to be planted or games that need to be played...

I tell my friends I am the one who is always in the grassy field chasing the butterfly or the rabbit or the squirrel or a combination there of. Not a bad thing, but not always productive.

I wish sometimes I could focus better, BE STILL and hear what my instructions are, before I think I have it all figured out. Maybe that's my lesson, maybe you are trying to learn the same one.

I do notice I have an easier time focusing when I do have some quiet time, when I make the time to BE STILL and listen to God, the universe or whatever. When I slow down and BE STILL. Nature and sunshine help me a little, but taking time to create in my journal what is going on in my life is the best way for me to refocus and see what has my attention right now and see if it's what I should be focusing on or not.

This morning I challenge you to take time and BE STILL, journal about what has your attention and refocus if you need to.  

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