Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Zombies for Christmas

So I have been dying to share these with you, but of course I had to wait till my brother and his wife opened them for Christmas! Since Christmas is over and hopefully these are comfortably sitting on their couch or bed and I can share!

My brother, while he says he is easy to shop for, is the hardest to shop for every year. I want to get him something special not just an action figure (which is what he asks for every year). I personally try to let him know he means more to me than just an action figure, and for once I think I may have done pretty good.

He and his wife love zombies, The Walking Dead is one of their fav shows right now. And while zombies are "in" right now and zombie stuff is easy to come by, I still wanted to get them something unique.


What is more unique than his and her pillows with them as zombies! My son helped me paint the backgrounds and then I went in and added the faces. There are extra details too like buttons for eyes with red thread and when the paint dried I sewed them up with a black and white herringbone fabric on the back.

All I have to say is if I knew how easy it was to make custom pillows before this I would have been making them way earlier than this.


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