Monday, April 30, 2012

Handmade Friendships

So I have some pretty amazing friends, I would hope everyone had friends like mine. My friends always seem to know what to say to bring me out of a slump. They are amazing at encouraging me to dream bigger and wider then I would set for myself. This of course is great by itself what's even more awesome is that each one of them is creative and inspires me to live and create with more...well with more love for what I do. I am pushed beyond the bounds of myself everyday because of these women.

I have one friend who never ceases to amaze me in how she combines vintage items with everyday common beads and wires to create some of the most stunning pieces of jewelry I have ever seen (I even have the privilege of owning a few of my favs from her). Her creativity has always stunned me and, even though I have never told her, intimates me as an artist. I wish I could see things the way she does, see beyond the 2 dimensions of a page, but I struggle. Thankfully I struggle, because if I didn't what would I learn from her?

Sewing is something I do, not well, but I try. I know someone who is amazing at putting together fabrics and creating the most amazing clutches, purses and bags (someday I will own one, a custom one) She can see how the stitches can enhance a bag's personality or bring out a pattern that may not even really be there. She can free-form stitch like no one else I know, creating an image by guiding fabric through her machine with no guides. She also has the greatest no fear personality I have ever met. I hope to have her confidence one day.

Have you ever had a friend who has no idea just how amazing they are? I have several, but one in particular who is an amazing artist. Yes she is an artist, she doesn't know it yet, but she is. She is one of the few people who can think and create on a page as well as off. She creates environments in a room that can take your breath away. I have learned candles are essential for creating intimacy and the more the better, feathers are amazing at softening, and turquoises is a universal color that looks good on everyone! She inspires me to be me, to live generously, and to love those around you with all your heart.     

I won't mention names here, because I know each of these women would deny that they do any of these things, although one is getting much better at saying thank you, but ladies you inspire me. And one day, when I grow up, I want to be you. Thank you for your friendship, your talent and sharing with me and others your love of what you do. I would love to know who inspires them here.