Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy New Year to Me

So yesterday was my birthday and for the first time I am actually looking forward to a new year with new possibilities and new adventures. I don't always have the best birthdays and I think I figured out why, I have far too many expectations going into the day. When things don't magically go the way I dreamed they would I get sad. Don't we all though? So this year I looked at my birthday as a gateway to all that the next year holds for me. I have a lot of things that will be coming up this year that are new adventures and I am super excited. So instead of putting too many expectations on one day, I looked at yesterday as the door finally opening to my next chapter.

Such a better outlook. Because of this I had one of the best birthdays that I can think of to date! I had delish coffee from Starbucks (free, which of course makes it better), a wonderful time with a group of women I adore and thank God for everyday, lunch with a beautiful long time friend, scores of posts on my facebook page from friends all over the country, and a wonderful afternoon with my family swimming and working out and eating (this goes without saying of course)!

I also had a friend look up the meaning of my name, which I would love to share with you here:

Your inherent meaning for your name is -- palm tree (this one I already knew)

Your spiritual meaning of your name is --- Victorious Spirit!!!

Your scripture for your name is Micah 5:9
Your hand shall be lifted up over you adversaries, and your enemies shall be cut off. 

How cool is that! I love this meaning and I am blown away by how fitting it is right now in my life when I have started to truly work on being who God created me to be. So for all of you who blessed my life yesterday with well wishes and continue to give me wings with your support and amazing words of courage thank you. I truly believe that you are gifts from God. I have been re-reading a book called Coming Home to Your True Self by Albert Haase and in the book Haase talks about Mary and how she "was a woman totally aware that everyone she encountered was a God-bearer". This struck me so deeply that I don't think this way at all, and yet it is so true - so this year, I am going to work on seeing God in all those I encounter, my friends, my family and especially those who just have a moment in my day to day life.

Be blessed friends...and I can't wait to start my new year with you.