Monday, October 6, 2008

Where did the time go?

This is the time of year people start asking where did the year go? And then they realize Christmas will be here before you know it...

So this year get a jump start on your shopping and Christmas cards, so you aren't frantically looking for your presents at the last minute. I have already listed some of my best sellers from last year in my shop, so take a peek...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just a Block Away

Do you have that one place in your house or office that is too small to decorate, but looks like it needs something there? I always seem to have those spots. So I came up with a solution for them.

Introducing BLOX ART - mix and match squares that you can hang in any configuration you want. Each piece is a unique one of kind art piece that you can mix and match with other BLOX or other pieces already in your own collection! They will range from $5-$20. Some will be painted, some will be mixed media and even some pen and ink. The BLOX are made from scrap 1x4 cut into squares.

Here are just a few of my new ones that I will be listing in my shop after this weekend.