Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And the WINNER is....

I would like to congratulate Crystal for being the winner in my Blog Giveaway! She will be receiving "Hoot" in the mail shortly! For everyone else that entered fear not there will be other contests. Thanks again to all who entered and stopped by. Have a great week.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Finds

This Friday I found some great gifts for Father's Day that I wanted to share with you. I know that there is a long standing joke between Father's Day and tie giving - well this year you can give Dad a tie you know he'll love. Check out these finds!

1) The first is from Super Sweet Creations . Instead of getting just Dad a tie get matching shirts for the whole family. What Dad can resist this cuteness!

2) Maybe Dad already has too many ties then he just needs the proper accessory! Try these Lego Tie Tacks from Cufflinks. This will surely remind him of his former building days. It may even be enough for him to take his out and play!

3) With so many companies going to a more casual look in business wear not many Dad's are wearing ties these days. So why not dress up Dad's desk instead with this fashion statement from City Vintage .

4) Maybe Dad is crazy about his coffee, but he already has too many coffee mugs. Try dressing up one of his mugs with these upcycled coffee sleeves from the little trunk.

5) This is a great idea! Buy this piece of art from Smash Girl . What a great way to create a custom piece of art for dad.

6) Of course you can always just get him a tie. Maybe just a little cooler than his normal everyday ties. Try this one from Sugar Lust .

Enjoy these finds and if I missed any other cool tie gifts feel free to leave your links here for others to find!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Monday

Hello all. I hope you are having a wonderful start to you week. I just wanted to give you a couple reminders....

FIRST: HUGE grand re-opening sale is still going on till this Sunday. Don't miss out on 10% off, free gift with your purchase and free shipping on any purchase over $50. PLUS I am still looking for my 60th sale! That person will not only get the above mentioned stuff, but I will also be including a BOX of free goodies as well. You don't want to miss out on that do you? Check out my shop here {also remember if you don't quite see what you like email me and I will be glad to set up a custom order for you!}

SECOND: Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway posted here on my blog! There's only 2 people signed up for it right now, so your chances are really good to win.

Tomorrow I will be listing some great items that would perfect for Father's Day. See you then!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Studio Space and Organization

Spring cleaning time has arrived and the one place we should not over look is our office space. With all the different ways to get organized why is it so hard to do it. My personal opinion is that there are too many different ways to store the same things and it gets overwhelming. So I want to share with you what has worked for me. Hopefully it will help you manage your clutter and make your office a place you want to be.

Shelving - I actually think that this is more important than a desk, why? Shelving is what gets everything up and out of the way! This way your desk is for doing actual work. I found this great shelf at none other than Ikea, I know shocking! But Ikea has some of the greatest tools for organizing, including this shelving unit {pictured below} at prices that won't break your budget.

This bookshelf is great for a couple of reasons, you can stand it up or lay it down {as I have it} for the type of space you have. But it also has different sized cubby holes to help keep you organized. As you can see in mine some of the holes have galvanized steel bins in them which you can add labels to to make finding items super easy. If you are trying to be Green and would rather use recycled pieces to hold your items you can find hundreds of sellers on Etsy with a great selection of old crates, boxes and bags for you to choose from.

You can also use floating shelves or wall mounted shelves to display your stuff. You can place ribbons, yarn, beads anything with lots of color in glass jars . Use a cigar box to store paint brushes or other loose odds and ends. Just to give you some ideas.

Your desk - You need to get what you are most comfortable with. I personally have a wood top with 4 metal legs. Super easy and sleek {in fact you could make this after I trip to the hardware store, buy some MDF board, metal pipe and flanges and your are good to go}. If you would rather have some storage underneath for paperwork you can get a filing cabinet or a desk with them built in. Craigslist.com is a great resource for office furniture when you are not looking to spend a lot. Of coarse you can always go to garage sales, this is the perfect time of year for those! Another option is to look for a desk with storage options above the desk or a desk that can close up {great if you have small children that like to get into things} just make sure that your monitor will fit in the place it allows for. I will tell you know if you have a 24" screen {like I do} it will not fit in that hole it's suppose to...

Make sure that you have thought about a place to write notes to yourself, keep orders out while you are getting them ready, and keep packing materials. This will save you tons of frustration later on. Also something to think about if you have kids make sure that you have a space for them in the office too. My son is 2 and loves to "help mom" especially when I am in the office working on things, so I have a second table in here just for him to have his coloring books, crayons, paper and such things. This way he thinks he is getting to help and do what I am doing but he stays out of my way, most of the time.

Decorate with items that will inspire you, not hinder you. Just because it's an office doesn't mean that it has to be a stiff environment. Paint your walls with colors you love, hang art you are drawn to and don't be afraid to change it up. If you have a memo board or magnet board fill it with your inspirations and make sure you look at it daily as well as add to it. Lastly, if something isn't working fix it, don't live with it. I hope this helps you in your quest for an office space that you can actually work in.

If you have other ideas or things that have worked for you feel free to post your ideas here too for others!




Tuesday, June 2, 2009

•••••••• GIVEAWAY TIME ••••••••

For my June Giveaway I will be giving away "Hoot" {pictured above}. This Art Block always stops people in their tracks at my shows {I've just never been able to part with him yet}!

He is made up from recycled 2x4, wire, paint, glass, paper, ink and crayon. The total size is 3.5"x3.5". This is a $20 value! To get get your hands on this fab piece all you have to do is visit my Etsy shop and leave a comment here about your favorite piece! It's that easy.

{Make sure to leave your email so I can contact you, when you win!} I will have a couple minor prizes as well so make sure you post often!

Contest ends June 14th.